Personal Testimonials

Thank You very much for taking care of spraying the trees. We are hopeful we can save those we have left. Goo thing you used Astro since there was probably snow up there after you sprayed.
Next Time we are up there, we will see which trees you referring to that have infestation and need to be taken out. We have been trying to save that big tree at the back corner that just had a few spots. We plan to have the dead trees taken out this year when we can get around to it. Thanks again for the service!

Tomm & Ann Stark -Woodland Park, CO

It is our pleasure to work with such reliable company. You have gone above and beyond your duties by offering to spray burned trees which you sprayed earlier in the season free of charge. Many property owners will appreciate your efforts which will provide professional expertise and excellent customer service

Julie and Stu Burness

John and Ryan were here yesterday and just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with their whole crew. They arrived at exactly 7:30 AM as promised and were finished at about 12:30 PM. I was very pleased that for the size of job I was awarded 3 trucks with operators and a water tanker. I think John about wore himself out running around 22+ acres especially with all the rocks and valleys. I don’t think I even saw a spray operator that took a break. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our experience with Timberline. Now if these chemicals work as advertise we should be successful in saving out trees. We had marked 415 and that is exactly the number that John came in with as we had not told him in advance how many were marked thousands but, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Robert and Susan Duncan

I felt it was appropriate to send you a brief note thanking you for your years of helping Stagecoach Meadows in our battle with mountain Pine Beetles. As head of our forestry committee, I always enjoyed working with Timberline. Everyone was always helpful and Cooperative.

Jerry Nissen