Forest Management

Forest Management

After a property has been assessed, and the target pest has been identified, Timberline Tree Spraying and Fertilizing will request the homeowner* flag the valuable trees you want sprayed. (You can purchase brightly colored tape for this purpose.)

How we spray a tree:

  • A tree is broken down into three or more sections, depending on the size of the tree.
  • Spraying starts at the top of the tree, slowly coming down the trunk of the tree, then moving over to the next section and so on until the entire tree has been covered.
  • The chemical label states that we should cover the bark only until wet. Spraying too heavily or applying double coverage has no additional advantages and only increases potential ground contamination.

Tree Spraying
Mountain Pine Beetle
IPS Beetle
Cooley Spruce Gall
Douglas Firs
Deep Root Fertilization
Systemics / Micro-Injection

*It is the responsibility of the homeowner to mark trees you want sprayed.